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I am a Halton Hills based, portrait photographer and expressive artist. I am a wide based creative. I love creating in all kinds of ways and photography is one of my greatest loves. I love photographing people. I love watching you come to life in front of my camera. Capturing you and your family honestly in their giggles and laughter, the tickle wars, silly faces and even the big giant pouts.  I just love having fun together.  These are the photos I want to remember. Perfectly imperfect. I love portraits and making you feel beautiful, finding the details and creating art within my images, whether it’s a magical location, building dramatic dresses and styling or watching for the way the light comes in and curves around my subject and enters into my camera flaring all around. There’s something about stepping into your element and coming to life in it and creating is mine.

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Heather Sinnott

14 Birchway Place, Halton Hills, ON L7J2X7


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